Lisa Curry Slams Biggest Loser Training Techniques

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am a fan of ‘The Biggest Loser’ – so prepare yourself to read a few more posts about the show until the season ends! I must say though, this year, more than any other, the Trainers have been much more ‘cruel’ to the contestants. For example, Michelle Bridges was training a young man who was struggling to complete his workout and paused for a rest. This resulted in a tirade, with her basically telling the contestant he was lazy and no wonder he was overweight: she finished her verbal attack by saying, “You can either go down Pussy Street or Man Up Road”. Naturally, the contestant was very angry and swore at her (which is when she ejected him from the gym) but this type of ‘tough love’ treatment is much more evident amongst the trainers this year.

The Biggest Bullies:  The Biggest Loser Trainers

The Biggest Bullies: The Biggest Loser Trainers

Anyway, it’s not just me who has noticed the distinct difference in their attitudes this season.  This week, leading women’s magazine ‘Woman’s Day’ headlines an article where ex-Olympian Lisa Curry is extremely critical of the training techniques employed by the Biggest Loser Personal Trainers.  In defending the feelings of the overweight contestants, Lisa says, “You have to put yourself in their shoes, walk a week in their shoes, and feel the hurt that they feel every day and treat them with a little more respect”.  (read more here: )

Honestly, I have to agree with Lisa.  It may just be that the Executives at Channel 10 have told the trainers to be much more ‘aggressive’ in their dealings with the contestants (apparently, being nasty to overweight people generates higher ratings) however, is this the type of treatment these people need?  All of these contestants have spoken about being taunted, bullied, and /or criticized about their size, so when the Trainers belittle and criticize their workout efforts, is that helping them to feel better about themselves?  Of course not!

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