Kate Middleton Bump Watch

Once the Royal Family announced that William and Kate were expecting their first child, the paparazzi were desperate to take the first photo of her baby ‘bump’. This week magazines all over the world are publishing the ‘exclusive’ photos of Kate’s pregnant tummy, taken while she was holidaying. Check out the photo below: not much of a bump right?


No doubt, there will be more photos to follow! I am sure Kate would love some privacy during her pregnancy, however, we can all expect a whole lot more ‘bump-watch’ photos over the coming months!


The hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy can often play havoc on the expecting mothers’ body.  A combination of fluctuating hormone levels and the ‘eating for two’ mentality can definitely increase the appetite, resulting in some women gaining up to 30kg during their pregnancy!  While Kate looks fabulous now, the latter part of the pregnancy will present more challenges as her body ‘changes’ to accommodate the growing baby.

The times in a woman’s life where she is most prone to weight gain is: puberty, pregnancy and menopause. What do these 3 phases of life all have in common? That’s right all are characterized by hormonal upheaval. Unfortunately, for women, our weight is very much at the ‘mercy’ of our hormones and imbalances can definitely have a negative impact on our weight.

In fact, The Natural Way’s holistic approach to weight loss means that EVERY woman who joins our program will take an all-natural hormonal balancing formulation.  Losing weight isn’t just about following a diet: your body will not shed excess fat cells easily unless it is in a ‘balanced’ state and that is why we have all-natural formulations to support your body while you lose weight.  Correcting body imbalances will not just ensure the best weight loss result BUT keep your body healthy while you lose weight, and give you the best chance at maintaining your weight once you get to goal.

To find out more about our holistic weight loss program, call your nearest clinic on 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754663) and make a FREE appointment to find out more about our program. We have been helping Australian’s lose weight for over 30 years and we know we can help you achieve your dream body too, particularly if you have been struggling to lose weight after pregnancy. You never know, Kate may need to give us a call too after July…:)

Find out more at our website:  www.thenaturalway.com.au

About Lose Weight With Sue

I am a naturopath for The Natural Way.
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