Is Your New Years’ Resolution to Lose Weight in 2013?

So 2012 is officially over (and has been for a few days now) and here we are in 2013.  I am sure that over the Festive season you enjoyed the food, the socializing and now, perhaps, your waistline is still ‘carrying’ the evidence of overindulgence! 

However, now 2013 is here, it’s time to think about what you want to achieve in this exciting New Year.  Let’s face it , New Year’s Eve has always been a time for reflecting on the year that ‘was’ and then deciding on the changes we want (or need) to make. Is weight loss on your ‘to do’ resolution list this year?  If it is, then come and see us at The Natural Way.

Why come to The Natural Way?  Our program works on a unique 4-pillar approach to weight loss, and each one is equally important for helping you to achieve successful long term weight loss.

Our Four Pillars to Success are: 


Consultant:  Your consultant understands that no two people are identical and therefore no two programs are identical.  She / he will work with you to tailor a personal program that will include The Natural Way’s range of 100% natural herbal, vitamin & mineral formulations, and select an eating plan to suit you. 

Healthy Living:  Successful permanent weight management and maintenance is easily achievable only through ‘unlearning’ old habits that have not worked, followed by learning and relearning ‘good’ habits that is ‘natural’ for our bodies.  The Natural Way’s unique Healthy Living aims to do this in a fun-filled way. You will learn all sorts of practical tips relevant to your lifestyle!

Eating Plans: The Natural Way has an extensive range of eating plans based on a variety of principles for weight loss.  Based on your personal lifestyle, habits and preferences, your consultant will assist you in selecting an eating plan to suit you. 

Natural Formulations: The Natural Way formulations are Australian owned, all natural and contain blends of vitamins, minerals and herbs.  The formulations are designed not only to promote effective weight loss, but also to complement the health care range by assisting in the management of conditions such as menopause, arthritis, stress, colds and flu’s etc.

Don’t do another DIET in 2013 (that will only bring you short-term success), try a lifestyle-friendly weight loss program where you get to eat REAL food and can achieve PERMANENT results.      

Call 1300 SLIMMER (754663) now, and make a FREE appointment to talk to your local the Natural Way consultant about your weight and health goals.  In fact before you come to see us, click HERE to download your $25 off voucher that is eligible for use up until 31st January.  We know we have a lifestyle friendly program we can tailor to suit your needs.     

View our website:

About Lose Weight With Sue

I am a naturopath for The Natural Way.
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