Matthew McConaughey’s Frightening Weight Loss

Being a Hollywood celebrity sounds all so glamorous, however the life of a movie star can be mentally and physically ‘tough’ particularly when it comes to preparing for their upcoming role.  The talk of Tinsel town (well, according to the gossip magazines) right now is Matthew McConaughey & his drastic weight loss:  this normally buff actor is rumored to have lost at least 15kg in order to play an AIDS patient in his latest movie (see picture below)   

121210 Matthew-McConaughey-Weight-Loss

The actor hasn’t shared the specific details of his diet plan (probably because it doesn’t feature much food), but he has said that he’s being monitored by a doctor.  Matthew has mentioned that he enjoys small portions of fresh fish.  However, whilst one could admire the dedication to his profession, there are definitely some long term effects he could suffer as a result of this rapid loss. 

Unfortunately, just like many fads diets, if his diet has been extremely low in kilojoules this can slow his metabolism as the body, fearing famine, burns less energy.   This means Matthew may be feeling tired, fatigued and unfortunately, once the movie is over, he could find that he suddenly has a tendency to put on weight very easily when normal eating resumes.

The other risk, of course, is that Matthew may have lost valuable muscle tissue.  If he has been ‘starving’, his body would have been forced to get energy from his excessive muscle mass.  Muscle tissue is virtually impossible to ‘replace’, so Matthew may find it very difficult to regain his once impressive physique.

It’s not just the weight loss that is risky – when he regains the lost weight, he must be careful about how quickly it happens. If he gains the lost weight back too quickly it could lead to issues with his gallbladder, pancreas and joints.  

The crazy thing is that those people who choose to do a crazy fad diet, are subjecting their own body to the same risk Matthew is facing.  Sensible long term weight loss is achieved by losing between half to 1kg per week and this ‘acceptable’ rate also helps you develop the behavioural skills necessary to maintain weight loss.

At The Natural Way, we understand that losing weight too quickly through starvation methods is downright dangerous;  our clients are not on a ‘diet’, rather they are beginning a lifestyle change which promotes good health,  behavior modification and long term maintenance.    

If you are sick of ‘crash dieting’ (and regaining all of your lost weight), you need to come and see The Natural Way to learn HOW to lose weight and keep it off.  Phone 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754663) TODAY to make a FREE appointment to find out more about our lifestyle-friendly program.  NO MORE YO-YO DIETING – The Natural Way is your answer to long term weight maintenance! 

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