Alcohol: Five Good Reasons to Avoid it!

As we are now in Christmas party season, you know that most of the social events you are invited to will involve having a drink or two (or even more!).  While alcohol consumption is often a ‘normal’ part of getting together with friends or family, it is important to understand WHY drinking to excess can be bad for your health & weight.


  1. Alcohol is high in calories.  In fact, alcohol contains 7 calories per gram, making it more than carbohydrates and protein (which only have 4 calories per gram) and only slightly less than pure fat, which has 9 calories per gram.
  2. Alcohol can make you really hungry:  Alcohol is absorbed by the stomach into the blood stream almost immediately, which means it doesn’t have a filling effect.  So in addition to all the excess calories you are drinking, you fill up on food which further increases the total calories you consume.  Of course, alcohol impairs your judgement, which means you tend to eat more and have larger portions.
  3. Alcohol slows your metabolism.  Alcohol is perceived by your body to be a ‘toxin’ or poison – this means the liver must process the alcohol in order to make it less ‘harmful’ to the body.  The processing of excessive alcohol can ‘slow down’ the function of the liver which, in turn, has a detrimental effect on your metabolic rate.
  4. The day after:  The side-effect from excess alcohol consumption is feeling ‘hungover’ the next day.  This will limit both your willingness and ability to ‘keep up’ any routine exercise that you may do, and lead you to make unhealthy food choices when trying to feel ‘better’ the next day.  Despite what you may hear, greasy food is NOT a good hangover cure – it just gives your poor liver more work to do as it will not only be trying to process the alcohol, but all the fat in the food as well.
  5. Long term:  Over time, the effects of excess alcohol consumption will play havoc with your body.  Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to an increased risk of developing obesity, high blood pressure, liver disease, some cancers, infertility, poor concentration & short term memory problems.

Guidelines for healthy drinking (i.e. drinking at a level that won’t affect your health) is two standard drinks a day for women, and four per day for men with at least two alcohol free days per week.  If you are going to a party, new guidelines suggest that you should not drink more than 4 drinks in one ‘session’.

At The Natural Way, we understand that drinking alcohol is a part of our socialising culture and some of our weight loss programs can allow for the occasional drink…so our lifestyle-friendly plans are perfect for Christmas (we just don’t recommend that you overdo it).  If you would like to find out more about how our fantastic weight loss plan can fit in with your lifestyle, tastes and budget, call your nearest clinic now for an obligation-free consultation on 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754663).  With The Natural Way, we have to tools to make weight loss easy.

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About Lose Weight With Sue

I am a naturopath for The Natural Way. We have 24 clinics nationally that help people to lose weight & educate on how to keep it off.
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