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Alcohol: Five Good Reasons to Avoid it!

As we are now in Christmas party season, you know that most of the social events you are invited to will involve having a drink or two (or even more!).  While alcohol consumption is often a ‘normal’ part of getting … Continue reading

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How To Boost Your Metabolism

 No doubt you have heard the term ‘slow metabolism’.  What does this mean exactly?  In layman’s terms, the definition of metabolism is the rate that your body burns calories.  If you have a slow metabolism, you will burn calories slower … Continue reading

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We all need that extra support!

        Have you ever gone on a diet with the attitude of ‘I’m really going to do it this time’ only to find yourself eating chocolate within the first three days?  Making the decision to lose weight is great … Continue reading

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What Is Healthy Weight Loss?

 Some people think, the less they eat, the more they lose – is this right?  Wrong!  When it comes to weight loss, faster is not necessarily better.  That’s because extreme weight loss can only be achieved by extreme measures, such … Continue reading

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