Could drinking more water help you to lose weight?

Drink water and lose weight – is it really that easy? Well not quite, but a recent study has found that it can definitely help to lose an extra couple of kilos.

Recent published research from Virginia Tech studied two groups of obese and overweight adults.  Both groups were placed on the same  low-fat, low-calorie diets  however one group were required to drink two glasses of water before each meal.  The results after twelve weeks, showed that the water drinkers lost an average of seven kilograms and those who didn’t drink water before meals lost only five kilograms.  


Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can just drink 2 glasses of water before each meal and the fat will literally disappear.  However, it is believed that the two glasses of water helped to ‘take the edge’ off the study participant’s appetite, hence contributing to them eating less overall than the non-water drinking group. 

The Natural Way programme emphasises the importance of drinking water throughout the weight loss process – and this is not just soley for the effect on the appetite.  The process of losing weight involves the shrinking and removal of excess fat cells:  as the fat cell shrinks, the fat and other stored toxins from the cell are released into the blood stream en route to the liver for processing.  In order to aid this all important process, water will help to enhance fat cell transportation to the liver and ‘flush out’ the excess circulating toxins.

So water not only helps to curb the appetite and enhance the removal of toxins from the system, but is inexpensive and calorie-free!  So there you have it – water is your best friend when losing weight!  I’ll drink (water) to that – bottoms up!

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