Kyle’s Weight Crisis

 Shock Jock Kyle Sandilands is in the press yet again…this time though it’s not because he has offended somebody!   A recent news article published in The Daily Telegraph has revealed that winter has not been so kind to Kyle as it is very obvious that he is carrying an extra tyre around his tummy.  In fact, it is estimated that he has put on around 30kg in six months!  (For more information, click here: )

Since being in the public eye, Kyle’s weight often comes under scrutiny simply because he seems to be in an ongoing battle of the bulge.  However, his recent sudden weight gain has not escaped the attention of health experts and friends.  Top nutritionist, Susi Burrell, has stated that Kyle is only ‘one thickshake away from developing diabetes’ which is pretty much spot-on given how much weight he has piled on in a short time!  In the meantime, work colleague DJ Jackie O commissioned a graphic artist to photoshop the way Kyle MAY look in ten years time, if he doesn’t take control of his health (WARNING:  image below is not pretty):

Artist impression of Kyle’s body in 10 years – surely this will shock Kyle into action?

It seems that Kyle is taking all of the attention in his stride, believing that being obese is not his fate:  he has just put on a bit of winter weight, and will be able to get his weight under control again.

Kyle should not take this sudden weight gain so lightly:  rapid weight gain like this is the pre-cursor to a whole swag of medical conditions such as hip, knee and back problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep aponea…the list is endless.  Naturally then, if Kyle does not correct his lifestyle to improve his health soon, he is staring down the barrel of a life cut short by disease triggered from obesity.

The Natural Way is not just another weight loss company – we promote healthy safe weight loss with an emphasis on lifestyle education.  ‘Diets’ promote short term results followed by long term failure (just ask yo-yo dieter Kyle!), however our program focuses on the big picture which is ensuring you understand HOW to keep your weight off for life!

It’s never too late to lose weight – and today is a great day to embark on your new healthy life.  Call 1300SLIMMER (1300754663) TODAY and make a FREE appointment to find out how The Natural Way can help you win the battle of the bulge – FOREVER.  After 30 years of helping our clients to lose weight, we know we can help you too!

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I am a naturopath for The Natural Way. We have 24 clinics nationally that help people to lose weight & educate on how to keep it off.
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