One ‘Diet’ Does Not Fit All

There is an old proverb which says ‘One Man’s Meat is Another Man’s Poison’.  I love this saying, as it reminds me of the very simple fact that we are all different – and thank goodness we are, otherwise the world would be a pretty boring place.  So that is why it amuses me greatly when I see a ‘diet’ published in womans’ magazine that  GUARANTEES weight loss despite the fact it takes NO WAY into account the metabolic rates, activity levels, health statuses or the different palates of those who may wish to try the diet.        

It’s really important for ‘diets’ to take into account an individuals’ food preferences and appetite!

I recently stumbled across a ‘Non-Dieters’ Diet’ created by respected dietician Susie Burrell.  When I read through the meal options on the three eating plans offered I almost died – there would be no way I would possibly lose weight on any of these eating plans:  in fact, I would probably gain a kilogram or two over a fortnight. 

In case you missed the diet, here it is:

Let’s take the ‘On-The-Go’ Diet:  If I were to have the second breakfast choice, the sushi for lunch and potato for dinner, I would positively ‘blow up’ from starchy carb overload.  Not only that, I think that my body would go into ‘fruit deprivation’ meltdown as, for me, having at least 3-4 pieces of fruit every day is what I need to maintain my weight.

Don’t get me wrong – there may be some people who could lose weight perfectly following the ‘Non Dieters’ Diet’…but I would certainly not be one of them.  And I am sure I would not be alone – I deal with a lot of clients whose body simply couldn’t lose weight with such a large carbohydrate allowance. 

This is why at The Natural Way we do not have a ‘one diet fits all’ approach to our eating plans.  We appreciate that everyone is different which is why we spend so much time in the first consultation trying to get an overall health and lifestyle ‘picture’ of our clients, so we can pick the best plan to suit their needs.  Naturally, if we happen to choose an eating plan that doesn’t quite suit, it doesn’t matter – we simply just pick another one of our many options and work with our client until we find one that suits their tastes and gives them the best results on the scales.

So if you are looking for a weight loss program that treats you like the special and unique person you are, then you’ve found it.  The Natural Way offers you a personalized service and private consultations so you can feel supported all the way to your goal.  To find out more about our program, call us on 1300 SLIMMER (1300754663)   and book a FREE appointment to see your caring weight loss consultant.  We can make your weight loss dreams a reality, so call us today.

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About Lose Weight With Sue

I am a naturopath for The Natural Way. We have 24 clinics nationally that help people to lose weight & educate on how to keep it off.
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2 Responses to One ‘Diet’ Does Not Fit All

  1. Hi Sue, as a pass client and owner of The Natural Way Clinic….and Keeped my weight off for 7 years no worries but as i am now on my Gap Year I have put on a little and a Few to many Inches i do not want to carry around!!! So whole away tried a few of the No Diet ….”Diets” and i was just getting BIGGER …so i stopped….and thought hang on a min these ways or “Diets” do not suit my body as i have tried for 20 years and my little slogo $20,000 dollars latter……and the one that worked for me and Keeped it off was The Natural Way and the Healthy Formulations!!!!! So Yep ….Guess what dont re invent the Wheel listen to your Body as it Knows Best!!!! Looking forward to my Formulations arriving and i strated the Healthy Eating Plan for Me and I have already Lost 4cm of the Butt!!!!! Happy Days……

  2. Hey Sue Can You Be My Guess Bloger on My Monique Mantra’s Web when i have it up and Running so they can just click on a link and you pop up ???As It will Promote the Products as Well???

    Cheers Monique Mantra x

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