The sign says it all….

I was searching for some blog inspiration this morning and I found an interesting article about the more bizarre ‘weight loss fads’ that have come and gone over years – honestly some of them are totally unbelievable…and hilarious.  Let me share with you some of my favourites:  

Fat whispering
Only in America could you make an appointment to see a person who talks to your fat cells…yes, that’s right, Hollywood’s Mary Ascension Saulnier says she can talk fat cells out of the body: “I listen to what emotion is in the cell membrane, and tell the cell which way to move out of the body.”  Read more here:

Far infrared trousers
These are a pair of heated plastic pants that are supposed to help you ‘melt away your excess fat stores’.  Quite different from the hot pants that women wore in the 70’s (though the Far infrared trousers would be quite handy during winter!).

 Baby food diet
This diet recommended that you eat 14 baby-size serves of purée during the day, followed by an evening meal of fish and vegetables.  I am sure you would be the gossip of the work lunchroom if you pulled out a few tins of baby food from your lunchbox.

Hollywood Cookie Diet
Wow, this sounds great – a diet that lets you eat biscuits.  However the diet is all about semi-starvation because you are only allowed to eat three to four of this brand’s biscuits a day and nothing else…talk about boring and lacking a LOT of essential nutrients. 

A weight loss technique which was popular in the early 1900’s.  It’s pretty easy, just swallow a tapeworm’s egg.  The parasite hatches, grows in your stomach and saves you absorbing calories by sharing all of your meals. Gross.

Aoqili Slimming Soap
This soap apparently has “fat-emulsifying properties” and “tightens” skin.  I hope at least it smells nice as it certainly can’t deliver any ‘fat-melting’ benefits.

Virtual gastric banding
If you can believe this, there is need for weight loss surgery if you can find yourself a good hypnotist.  Apparently, virtual gastric banding works by the therapist hypnotising you and suggesting that your stomach has shrunk to the size of a golf ball, hence reducing your appetite.  Oh dear.

Get Slim Slippers
Put on a pair of slippers and lose weight?  Well, allegedly the ‘Get Slim’ slippers put pressure on digestion-related trigger points in feet, helping to speed up digestion which results in weight loss.  Are they serious?

 Jesus has the answer
There have been a couple of diet books written over the years, which claim that the power of prayer can help you to lose weight.  Some of these books are:  Pray Your Weight Away by Reverend Charlie Shedd; More of Jesus, Less of Me by Joan Cavanaugh; Born Again Bodies by R. Marie Griffith.

I am sure there are literally 1000’s of others that could be added to this list – crazy what some people will try to lose weight.  There is no need to waste you money on fads when you can go to The Natural Way and enjoy our lifestyle-friendly, sensible weight loss program while learning how to maintain your goal weight.  Fads aren’t forever, The Natural Way is.

To find out more about our weight loss program, call your nearest clinic on 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754663) and make a FREE appointment.  We would love to show you how we can help you to lose weight without heated pants, weight loss slippers and slimming soap! 

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I am a naturopath for The Natural Way.
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