James Packer Risks His Health With Lap Band Surgery

 James Packer is probably one of the most well-known billionaires in Australia and, like his famous late father Kerry, his battle of the bulge has been glaringly obvious over the years.  However, recent photos of James reveal that he has shed some excess kilograms and in an interview, James attributes his latest weight loss success to lap band surgery. Apparently, James had the surgery late last year and has lost 35kg in just over 8 months.

James Packer before the weight loss surgery

 In fact, James is positively singing the praises of lap band surgery.  He says, “I used to eat big portions, and the message used to go from my stomach to my brain: ‘I’m hungry’.  Now, my stomach sends messages to my brain saying the whole time: ‘I’m full’. How good’s that?” (read the article here: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/national/james-packer-has-dropped-a-bundle-of-weight-after-losing-35-kilograms/story-fndo317g-1226442529860 ).

Image of stomach after lap-band surgery: the band at the top of the stomach physically restricts the amount of food you are able to consume.

While James might think that having a surgically induced reduction in appetite is a good thing, that is just one positive in a whole long list of potential negatives.  Side-effects of lap-band surgery including  heartburn, reflux, dehydration, difficulty swallowing, constipation, stomach obstruction, lap band ‘slippage’, increased risk of gallstones / pancreatitis, tearing of the stomach wall, protein deficiency, hair loss and post-surgery rejection / infection.         

Another negative is the cost (not that this is a problem for James):  it is estimated that a standard lap-band surgery procedure costs the patient around $10 000.  So is a lap-band really the answer to weight loss?  Well, it seems not.   A recent survey has revealed that 60% of all people who have had the lap band procedure will have it removed within 10 years.  In most cases, this is due to the encroachment on lifestyle and poor effect on well-being.

Pity James didn’t try The Natural Way before getting the lap band!  We could have let him know there is a much more ‘natural’ solution to managing weight that does not cost anywhere near $10 000 AND has no risky side-effects.  And as a dad of young children, he would have loved our all-natural weight loss program which would have seen him shed the kilos while enjoying normal, family friendly foods.    Oh well James, when you can’t get fed up with the lap-band, give us a call!  We’d love to help you.

Don’t risk your health with weight loss surgery – call your nearest clinic on 1300SLIMMER (754663) today and make a free appointment to find out more about our program and how we can make your dream body a reality!

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About Lose Weight With Sue

I am a naturopath for The Natural Way. We have 24 clinics nationally that help people to lose weight & educate on how to keep it off.
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4 Responses to James Packer Risks His Health With Lap Band Surgery

  1. Hi Sue, you might be surprised to learn that public hospitals are doing laparoscopic banding at no cost to the pt (care of medicare). Its extreme but thats how expensive obesity is to the health care system.

  2. Ann Wilkes says:

    well done Sue…..

  3. Tracey G says:

    How disappointing that you have chosen to attack lapband surgery for the purpose of building your own business!

    Some research would reveal that those lapband failure statistics you quote relate to an older style of band which is no longer used, having been replaced by a more effective band.

    Yes, there are absolutely risks with surgery (any surgery) and weight loss surgery, but there are also risks with being morbidly obese and those risks are significantly more likely to kill you than having a lapband.

    • Yes, there are risks with any surgery. However you could argue that having a lapband is a unneccessary risk given that dedication to a healthy diet and lifestyle will give the same results as having a lapband.

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