What’s Your Size?

 Recently, Target Australia announced that they were going to standardize their clothing range by ‘scanning’ the bodies of 20,000 men and women.  The scanner will then reveal what the standard size is of their average customer, and will then endeavour to manufacture clothes to suit the bodies of the 21st century.    This, according to Target Managing Director Dene Rogers, is an absolute necessity, simply due to the amount of clothing returns that occur due to inconsistent sizing.  You can read more about the Target initiative here:  http://www.heraldsun.com.au/technology/body-scanner-targets-right-fit/story-fn7celvh-1226335908818

We have ALL experienced a similar frustration:  I mean, who doesn’t know what it’s like to be a size 14 in some stores, but then in other shops you might be a 16…or a 12!  It’s crazy.  In fact, the plight of the variation in sizes is well illustrated in the following article:  It features a model who tries on five differently branded size 14 dresses and the difference in the fit is quite amazing: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/sydney-news/womens-fashion-measuring-up-funny-sizes-and-odd-numbers/story-e6freuzi-1226360659343

If you read the ‘Daily Telegraph’ article above, you will notice that it mentions the term ‘vanity sizing’ – that simply means that certain clothing stores will label a typical size 14 garment, only a size 10 or 12, so the consumer feels ‘better’ about fitting into a smaller size.  I must agree, I have definitely noticed an explosion of this practice.  As a 5’10”woman of medium build, there is no way I should be able to fit into size ‘Small’ clothing, yet I have several items of clothing in this size.  It makes me wonder what size genuinely small-framed women must wear – maybe they wear size ‘Pixie’?

And is the practice of ‘vanity sizing’ contributing to the ever increasing waistline of the average Australian?   I mean, if you fit into size 10 (which really should be a size 14), then you don’t have to lose any weight, right?  While this may be a point that needs further debate, I think the over-riding fact is that ALL clothing manufacturers should collaborate and agree on sizing standards:  imagine how much easier shopping would be!

The way your clothes fit certainly is the best gauge of how well you are maintaining your weight – and if you notice that your pants don’t fit quite as comfortably as they used to, then it might be time to call on The Natural Way.  To find out more about our program, call 1300 SLIMMER TODAY and book your free appointment to speak to one of our weight loss experts.  After 30 years of helping people to lose weight, we know we can help you get back the body you want…no matter what size that may be!

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About Lose Weight With Sue

I am a naturopath for The Natural Way.
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