The Top 5 Reasons Why The Natural Way is Better Than The Biggest Loser

 Ok, I admit it – I am a fan of The Biggest Loser.  I don’t really know why:  I sometimes literally cringe when I see some poor contestant being scolded (like a child) for not exercising hard enough or if they have eaten some kind of ‘forbidden’ food.  I mean, I know it makes good TV viewing (apparently) but you cannot help but feel sorry for the contestants at times and wonder why they would possibly ‘sign up’ to lose weight on TV in the first place?  This made me think about The Natural Way program and prompted me to make a list of the top 5 reasons why doing our program is much better than being a contestant on The Biggest Loser : 

1.  No public weigh ins:  An important part of our weight loss program is our weekly weigh-ins.  However, this is done in the privacy of your clinic with only your weight loss consultant present:  details of your weight loss records are kept confidential (so the whole of Australia doesn’t know your weight loss record).  More importantly, we also measure you:  keeping track of the centimeters you lose is a much better gauge of your weight loss success as the effect of hormonal changes, fluid retention and muscle gain often reflect negatively on the scales.      

Someone who seems to be happy about being weighed on TV...

2. No excruciating physical exercise:  Our clients do NOT have to participate in rigourous exercise when on our program.  Sure we would love all of our clients to do some kind of physical exercise – and see quicker results – however, just regular walking (as outlined in our Walking Program) is all we ask.  We would rather encourage an exercise regime you can incorporate into your daily routine rather than ask you ‘sweat it out’ in a gym for hours on end!

3. No being treated like a ‘naughty child’ if you break the rules along the way:  Hey, we are only human, and we know that temptation is all around.  So if you happen to break-out and eat something you shouldn’t when on program with us, we won’t make you feel bad about it.  Quite the contrary in fact:  your consultant will support you in working out a ‘strategy’ to help you avoid doing it again. 

4.  No living in a controlled environment:  Of course it’s easy to lose weight on The Biggest Loser!  You get to live in a house (where only healthy food is available) and the personal trainers come to you…WOW, do you think that’s going to happen when you get back to the real world?  NO CHANCE!  We educate you on how to lose weight while you are going about your normal life and teach you that you can balance work / family / socializing without it impacting on your weight loss. 

5.  We want to keep seeing you once you reach your goal:  You know how it goes in The Biggest Loser don’t you?  Once you get eliminated, you only ever appear again at the show’s finale and then, that’s it!  You’re on your own to work out how to maintain your weight (and as some magazine articles have highlighted, often ex-The Biggest Loser contestants do not do this with much success).  Once our client reaches their goal, they are a client FOR LIFE!  Our maintenance clients are offered FREE maintenance visits where we continue to monitor your weight loss and give you all kinds of lifestyle / healthcare tips. 

There is only one downside of coming to The Natural Way as compared to being on The Biggest Loser… you won’t see the Commando in the flesh without his shirt on…but at least we can all still dream about it!  HA HA!  Maybe that’s really the reason why I like watching The Biggest Loser? 

Just in case you haven’t seen the Commando without a shirt before…here you go girls!

If you need a weight loss program to teach you how to lose weight in the real world, then you need to talk to The Natural Way.  Call 1300 SLIMMER (754663) NOW and book a FREE appointment to discuss your weight loss and health care needs with your caring consultant.   After helping people to lose weight for over 30 years, we know our program works…and by personalizing our program to suit your needs, we know it can work for you too. 

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About Lose Weight With Sue

I am a naturopath for The Natural Way. We have 24 clinics nationally that help people to lose weight & educate on how to keep it off.
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One Response to The Top 5 Reasons Why The Natural Way is Better Than The Biggest Loser

  1. davidnatural says:

    Sue, so well said I’m almost lost for words (and that’s not like me). But the piccie of the Commando without a shirt didn’t do it for me 😉

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