Slim Sonny is (Almost) Half the Man He Used To Be

Sonny at his start weight of 136.2kg


Australia is currently in the grip of an obesity epidemic:  current research shows that 42.1% of adult males are overweight with women coming in slightly lower at 39%.   However, one young man in Toowoomba – Sonny Elsley – decided that he wasn’t going to continue the life path which he was following i.e. from overweight child into overweight adult!

Sonny joined The Natural Way at the age of 18:  an age, we can all agree, where the last thing on a young man’s mind is weight loss.  We all know what the world of an 18 year old man revolves around – cars, girls, going out, having a good time with your mates….mixed with a good deal of alcohol and junk food consumption.  However, Sonny turned 18, and decided a bigger priority for him was to get healthy so he called Monique at our Toowoomba clinic.

Sonny commenced his weight loss journey at 136.2kg and with dedication and commitment to his goal, lost an unbelievable 43.5kg in 38 weeks.  Fantastic work Sonny:  let’s face it, this is a young man who is starting his adult life with the best possible chance of having a healthy future. 

Sonny now, after losing 43.5kg in 38 weeks. FANTASTIC WORK!

Sonny’s consultant, Monique Lee, was totally in awe of his determination and subsequent results and says, “Sonny did not care what his friends thought or use his age as an excuse to ‘cheat’ while on the program.  Throughout his weight loss journey, I watched Sonny’s confidence grow and he now has a new job, car and social life.  I am very proud of Sonny, he is a fantastic role-model to other young people with a weight issue”.   

Sonny’s life is now completely different than it was 12 months ago, and we know that losing weight can turn around your life for the better too.  In the over 30 years we have been in business, The Natural Way has literally helped thousands of people to change their life for the better!  Call The Natural Way on 1300 SLIMMER (754663) or find out more about our programme at

Sonny is one of the entrants in our Summer Slimmer of the Season competition.  If you want to see Sonny, and other fantastic slimmers, please go to our voting website where you could win $500!  Log onto

About Lose Weight With Sue

I am a naturopath for The Natural Way. We have 24 clinics nationally that help people to lose weight & educate on how to keep it off.
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