New Year, New Magazine Diet

Welcome to 2012.  If you have decided that this is your year to lose weight, then great!  I am sure we can help you to achieve that goal with our fantastic weight loss program, by guiding and motivating you all the way to a weight you are happy with.  However, if you want to be totally demotivated and depressed about losing weight, take yourself down to your local newsagent, and look at the selection of women’s magazines on offer this week.  Why is it that women’s magazine tell us to ‘love ourselves’ yet constantly have articles about the ‘latest’ diets and plaster body-perfect women on the front cover?

Let me elaborate:  This week in the ‘New Idea’ there is a BIG heading on the cover which says ‘New Year, New You Diet’.  Next we have Woman’s Day which ‘promises’ that you can lose ‘5kg in 2 Weeks’.  And then on the cover of Women’s Weekly is celebrity Deborah Hutton posing ‘nude’ at the age of 50 (and she has an unbelievable body!).  The heading next to the picture of Deborah says ‘The Body Issue (with) Deborah Hutton Incredible at 50’ and then, directly underneath ‘plus Michelle Bridges’ 5-day Diet’.  Wow, talk about diet overload! 


With all of these magazines pushing diet, diet, diet (and how many different diets are there?) and featuring a genetically gifted mature aged woman who has a body that the average 50-year old could never achieve, it can be overwhelming, confusing and totally disheartening for anyone wanting to lose weight.

At The Natural Way, we do not offer ‘DIETS’ – our weight loss plans are about eating family friendly foods that you buy from the supermarket.  And unlike the ‘diets’ you see in the magazine, you don’t have to ‘deprive yourself’.  We have a range of eating plans to suit individual tastes and lifestyles and some of them are not portion controlled  – for example, we have a program where you can eat bacon and eggs for breakfast (as much as you want!  Really….)  

If you feel like your weight is stopping you from living life to the fullest and want 2012 to be the year you successfully lose weight (and keep it off), call The Natural Way today on 1300 SLIMMER (754663) and make a FREE appointment to talk to one of our experienced weight loss consultants.  We can make your dream body a reality…without the diet deprivation and photoshop!

About Lose Weight With Sue

I am a naturopath for The Natural Way. We have 24 clinics nationally that help people to lose weight & educate on how to keep it off.
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One Response to New Year, New Magazine Diet

  1. Tama says:

    Of course major ‘air brushing’ is involved in the photos in magazines. Unrealistic photos and unrealistic promises.
    The Natural Way deals with real people and realistic outcomes.

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