If you are worried about the impact of Christmas on your waistline, we would like to give you a little advice about keeping healthy during the Festive party season:

1. Keep Healthy Foods Available:  Always carry some healthy snacks in you handbag whilst you are out.  If you suddenly realise that you haven’t eaten for ages – this can happen if you become too wrapped up in Christmas shopping – then you don’t have to rush to the closest fast food outlet to satisfy your hunger.  The Natural Way Nutty-licious bar is the perfect solution – ask your consultant about ‘stocking up’ on some today!  

A great snack when temptation is all around!

2. Avoid Losing Weight – Aim for Maintenance:  Do not aim to lose weight during the festive season.  This can leave you feeling deprived and may even lead you to ‘binge’ eat the very foods that they have been trying to avoid.  Focus more on not gaining any more weight rather than losing it – and any kilograms lost during this time is then an added bonus.

3. Focus On The Healthier Options: When faced large amounts of festive food, fill up on ‘good’ foods and have only a small amount (or none) of the others.

You can often find healthy foods at Christmas parties - you just need to look!


4. Be Choosy: You need to evaluate the food on offer & make conscious choices before filling your plate.  Only pick the foods you really want, ensuring you don’t overeat.

5. Choose Fresh Foods:  Remember that fresh, whole foods are always better than processed ones.  The same goes for homemade foods over shop-bought ones.

6. Whatever You Do, Don’t Go Hungry:  Ensure that you continue to eat regularly throughout the day, rather than “saving it all up” for one big meal.  Also eat a small healthy snack before going out for a meal, as it will prevent you from over-eating later.

 7. Stop Eating When You’re Full:  Although this is obvious, sometimes you can eat until you feel positively uncomfortable.  Make sure you only eat until you are satisfied, not totally over-full – and if you get hungry later, you can always snack on any healthy leftovers 

8. Limit Your Alcohol Consumption:  Not only are alcoholic drinks full of ‘empty’ calories, they can impair judgement.  So if you overindulge, you are likely to eat more of the very foods that you are trying to limit.

 9. Keep on The Move:  Keep exercising!   Indulge in long family walks after big meals or if at parties, get dancing!

10. Enjoy!  After all it is the holiday season!!    

If you are worried about managing your weight over Christmas, you need some advice from the experts.  Call 1300 SLIMMER (754663) now, and be prepared to fight those excess Christmas calories! 

 View our website:  www.thenaturalway.com.au



About Lose Weight With Sue

I am a naturopath for The Natural Way.
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