Magda’s Battle of the Bulge Isn’t Over

Larger than life Magda Szubanski is one of Australia’s best loved television personalities.  Back in 2008, when she publicly admitted that she was going to lose weight – as an ‘ambassador’ for Jenny Craig – I believe that, collectively speaking, Australians were happy that she was taking charge of her health and we all looked forward to seeing her results.  And what impressive results they were – Magda reportedly lost 36 kilos and dropped five dress sizes.   However, it seems Magda’s success has not lasted.

Reports in the media today confirm that Magda has been dumped as the ‘face’ of Jenny Craig and recent photos reveal that she has gained significant weight.  This is a recurring theme for most celebrities who become the ‘face’ of a weight loss company – remember Kirstie Alley?  Merv Hughes?  Bert Newton?  Rowena Wallace?  They are all celebrities who have been sponsored to publicly lost weight only to ultimately fail by regaining all their lost weight (plus some)…and if Magda is not careful, she too will follow in the footsteps of other ‘failed’ weight loss celebrities.

So why do these celebrities put back on their weight?  We know at The Natural Way, if the client is not motivated to lose the weight, then it won’t happen – and the stronger the client’s motivation, the greater the chance of long-term success.  Sure, these failed weight loss ‘celebrities’ get paid to lose weight but obviously weight loss for monetary gain is not as strong as an intrinsic motivation to achieving your ‘dream’.   We all know that money talks, but ultimately, money doesn’t seem to be the key to life-long weight loss success.

The Natural Way does not believe in ‘temporary’ weight loss.  As part of our holistic approach to weight loss, we offer life-long success through our Healthy Living program.  Healthy Living is designed to educate our clients’ on all they need to know to about maintaining their goal weight.  Our supportive consultants are there for every step of the weight loss journey and offer professional advice – via the Healthy Living – to ensure that once you lose weight, it will not return.

If you want to get off the weight loss roller coaster and achieve permanent weight loss success, you need to call The Natural Way on 1300 SLIMMER (754663) and make a FREE appointment to discuss your personal weight loss and health goals. 

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Please enjoy watching one of our slimmer success stories.  Wendy Baker was crowned Slimmer of the Year in 2009, and talks about keeping her weight off FOREVER – she loves her new slim life! 

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I am a naturopath for The Natural Way.
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3 Responses to Magda’s Battle of the Bulge Isn’t Over

  1. Robyn says:

    This is a fantastic story, as I only just this morning saw another “celebrity” touting her desire to lose weight with Jenny Craig – it appears that Rebel is the next ambassador! I wonder if she will be losing it for her health or are other reasons enticing her?

  2. Alec Farr says:

    I believe these celebrities are mostly approached by the weight loss companies wanting to use them in their promotion – and this is the reason their commitment / passion for the weight loss and ongoing health issues are secondary to the commercial considerations – being a paid ambassador for the promoter and to gain finacially as a first priority, and not their health. So different for TNW clients that find US and is motivated themselves – we just facilitate their dreams and goals – with their motivation and passion the key drivers in this process.

  3. One would think that one’s health and the very real possibility of losing it to excess kilos would be THE number one motivator because not even money can buy it back once it’s gone!! Good to see The Natural Way supporting Healthy Living rather than the dangerous rollercoaster from event to event.

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