Health Scare Helps Jodie Become a New Woman

Jodie Before at 91.3kg


Jodie after losing almost 18kg




Sometimes a traumatic event can happen in your life which (once you get through it) makes you determined to change ‘what you are doing’ so you are never at risk of such a situation occurring again. 

 Jodie Jewell knew she had to do something about her weight when she was diagnosed with diabetes in 1997.  However, it just all seemed ‘too hard’ so little was done to reverse the situation until over ten years later, when Jodie gave birth to her daughter.

 At only 6 weeks of age, Jodie was noticing that she was suffering with shortness of breath so went to see a doctor who diagnosed her with heart failure and she was admitted to hospital immediately.  This time there was no avoiding the truth – Jodie was told that she needed to lose weight or risk long term serious health issues.

 As much as Jodie needed to lose weight, she was still struggling to ‘get around’ to starting on a weight loss programme.  That is, until she ran into a friend who looked fantastic:  as Jodie says, ”She had no boobs and no bottom anymore!”  Jodie asked her friend what was the secret to her new body is and her friend told her about The Natural Way – and it was so easy!  That was all the prompting Jodie needed – she called Marianna at The Natural Way and started her own weight loss journey.

 After starting the programme at 91.3kg, Jodie is today 17.8kg lighter and lost that excess weight in only 26 weeks.  While Jodie is still on her weight loss journey, she is amazed how easy losing weight has been for her as well!  Jodie says, “Since I have joined I have not looked back.  My consultant has encouraged me to stay on track and lose the weight.  I know how to stay on track when attending functions – this makes my weight loss easy!  My success is all due to my consultant’s patience, the formulations and my persistence.” We can’t wait to see determined Jodie at her final goal weight and nor can her doctor!

 Jodie is one of our many success stories – after all, we have helped thousands of people to lose weight for more 30 years – and we know we can help you too!  Call The Natural Way on 1300 SLIMMER (7546637) or find out more about our programme at

Jodie is one of the entrants in our Winter Slimmer of the Season competition.  If you want to see Jodie, and some of our other fantastic slimmers, please go to our voting website where you could win $500!  Log onto  

About Lose Weight With Sue

I am a naturopath for The Natural Way. We have 24 clinics nationally that help people to lose weight & educate on how to keep it off.
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One Response to Health Scare Helps Jodie Become a New Woman

  1. Tama says:

    Congratulations Jodie, there is no doubt that thinking about getting around to losing weight is much harder than the actual losing – we procrastinate but once you take that first step and find it is easier than you thought everything falls into place and before you know it those unwanted kilo are literally falling off…… Way to go Jodie…..

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