Rising Obesity Sees End of Food Pyramid in USA

Defunct Food Pyramid now replaced with more user friendly MyPlate

Everything Australia can do, the USA can do better – and that includes being obese.  American health authorities are so concerned with the ever growing obesity rates, that they have decided to review and overhaul their basic nutritional guidelines.  So that means, after almost two decades, the traditional ‘Food Pyramid’ is no more!

The Food Pyramid model has been subject to criticism for some time.  Generally, the Pyramid was considered to be not so user friendly and difficult for the average person to apply when preparing their own meals.  Also, the recommendation of having between 6-11 serves of bread / cereal / grains per day is considered to be excessive considering that there is no differentiation between high and low GI options in this category.  I mean, under the ‘Food Pyramid’ parameters a person may think that having 11 slices of high GI white bread everyday is permittable – WRONG!   Let’s face it, this model was in need of a drastic change a long, long time ago!
So it’s out with the old and in with the new – Welcome to MyPlate!
WOW, now isn’t that so much easier to understand!  I mean, we eat off a plate everyday –  I don’t know of anyone that eats off a pyramid – so this is instantly relevant to us!  This model allows us to visualise our own meals and work out if our portions are well balanced.   You will see there is a huge emphasis on increasing fruit and vegetable intake (in fact, half the plate should consist of these two food groups),  whereas the grain allowance has been substantially reduced.
I have read some mixed feedback about the MyPlate concept, including the obvious fact that fat and oils are just totally ignored as a food group in this model (Does that mean we are not allowed to have them at all?  But aren’t some oils are good for us?).  However, I think we need to remember why the USDA has kicked the ‘Food Pyramid’ to the curb – it simply is NOT addressing the obesity issue!  MyPlate, at the very least, is reminding us about the importance of eating half a plate of low-calorie fresh fruits & vegetables at EVERY meal AND pointing out that excessive grains in the diet may not be best for weight management.
Let me know your thoughts on MyPlate – would love to hear your comments.
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4 Responses to Rising Obesity Sees End of Food Pyramid in USA

  1. Di says:

    What a fantastic idea! It’s so much more user-friendly.
    I hope it’s being used in schools – I remember the ‘confusing’ food pyramid in Home Economics at high school and always thought that the recommended servings were excessive!

    • Yes Di, I know what you mean! I am not saying MyPlate is perfect by any stretch (I mean, it would be good if it could somehow indicate how big one serve of ‘grains’ is) – but overall, it is an improvement.

  2. Tama says:

    A great improvement on the pyramid as it does make it more user friendly and places fruits and vegetables and proteins in the majority.

    I agree they should define ‘grains’.

    Notice it doesn’t say ‘fast foods’ – if only some people make improvements based on this model they will be all the better for it considering ‘fast foods’ are a staple in diets today.

  3. Sheralyn says:

    So much more simple for the average person to understand than the food pyramid..

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