Bowel Cancer Rates on the Rise in Younger People

As Australian obesity rates have increased over the past 3 decades, so too has a whole swag of disease ‘epidemics’ which can be directly linked to the excess weight we now carry.  For example, the incidence of diabetes and heart disease has been steadily increasing in the last 20 years – but more disturbingly, the people contracting these types of disease are getting younger and younger.  In a recently released report, it seems that this is now the case with bowel cancer as well.

Figures collated by Bowel Cancer Australia over the past 20 years reveal the number of bowel cancer cases diagnosed in people aged between 20 to 34 has risen by 64 per cent.  Oncologists believe that this increase is most likely due to heavy alcohol consumption and rising obesity rates amongst ‘young’ people.

From a naturopath’s perspective, I feel the increased consumption of processed / refined food in our ‘everyday’ diet must also play a part in contributing to these alarming bowel cancer rates.  The bowel is an elimination organ, and works most effectively when there are high fibre foods being consumed to stimulate regularity AND plenty of water lubricating the waste.  Denatured foods (like takeaway) are over-processed and have little (if any) fibre, so this would certainly ‘slow’ the elimination process which would create a toxic environment in the bowel – a prime breeding ground for disease.     

There are many reasons why people lose weight: to look better / to feel better / to once again wear the clothes hanging in their wardrobe / to have more energy…the list of reasons is literally endless!  But losing weight to live long enough to see your children grow up is surely the biggest motivation you could need – in fact, it makes the other reasons seem almost superficial.

So don’t let your weight rule your life or your health.  The Natural Way has been helping people to lose weight for the past 30 years, and we know that we can help you to get back the body you want.  Our programme is designed to fit in with your lifestyle, and your whole family can enjoy the delicious meals from our The Natural Way recipe book – no separate ‘diet’ meals for you!                       

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About Lose Weight With Sue

I am a naturopath for The Natural Way. We have 24 clinics nationally that help people to lose weight & educate on how to keep it off.
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2 Responses to Bowel Cancer Rates on the Rise in Younger People

  1. Tama says:

    I am with you Sue; I see people on a daily basis and it is amazing how much processed foods are in their diet in comparison to fresh – until of course The Natural Way shows them how easy it is to change that and then of course, they feel so much better….

    • DavidE says:

      So many people fail to see the cost of being overweight, and the real cost to their health (let alone their hip pocket). Health risks are magnified when coupled with excess weight. Let’s face it, what is better (and cheaper) – lose weight now eating healthy, natural and unprocessed foods; or face knee relacement, hip replacement or heart surgery later!

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