Food Court Fright

Nothing does bad food like a food court: but it is almost always possible to find some good choices


You know the feeling…you have only intended to pop into the shops to pick up a few things, BUT before you know it, time has flown and your stomach is telling you to stop and eat!  So you tentatively approach the Food Court to check out what your options are.  Of course, you want to eat something ‘healthy’, but trying to decipher what might be your best choice between the neon signs and queues of people is quite an impossible task.  What is your best option?

It’s probably easier to begin with not what to have!  Immediately take McDonalds / Hungry Jacks / KFC / Donut King / Pizza Hut (or any other pizza option) off your list of possibilities.  While I know that some fast food outlets offer ‘Healthy Choices’,  there is nothing worse than deciding to have a Mc Donalds salad only to find on ordering, that you are purchasing fries too.  Don’t even bother toying with temptation.

So what should you be looking out for?  Most food courts will have either a Sumo Salad AND / OR Healthy Habits Sandwich Bar.  These outlets have got some fantastic FRESH foods where you can choose to have either a salad (go easy on the creamy dressing options), a freshly made sandwich or some type of healthy vegetable soup.  Alternatively, a lean protein and salad 6 inch whole-grain sub from Subway satisfies your hunger without damaging your resolve to be ‘good’. 

Almost all food courts have a sushi outlet:  this is a great, fast, low-fat choice when you are out.  If you are watching your carb intake, why not try a kebab without the pita bread i.e. grilled meat and salad on a plate?       

Commencing a The Natural Way programme, does not mean you have to put your life on ‘hold’ while you lose weight.  In fact, our programmes are tailor made to fit in with your lifestyle and we educate you along the way, so you know exactly HOW you have to eat while you lose weight AND once you get to your goal.  So small hurdles, like deciding what to eat when you are ‘caught out’ at a food court, will be overcome successfully with your new found knowledge.

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About Lose Weight With Sue

I am a naturopath for The Natural Way. We have 24 clinics nationally that help people to lose weight & educate on how to keep it off.
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3 Responses to Food Court Fright

  1. Tell me what is your ‘good food choice’ if you have to eat at your local supermarket food court? Would love to hear your feedback!

  2. DavidE says:

    I find that it’s best to head striaght for the healthy options you’ve suggested, and avoid even getting near the aroma’s of the others. I always make my worst food choices when I am hungry (supermarket or food court), which is a shame when there are so many healthy choices out there.

  3. Tama says:

    I agree Sue, don’t even go there; the supermarket has fruit available which is natures ‘fast foods’ so go buy a banana and apple which are easy to eat on the run and keep shopping. I find that staying out of the ‘food court’ area is the way to go myself. However, the good foods are there if you look that little bit closer. Plus, buying fresh Australian produce helps our farmers and economy – so it’s a win win situation….

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