Be A Sport & DON’T Endorse Junk Food!

Shane Warne promoting McDonalds...what a great role model for kids!

Last month, research revealed that parents’ were more likely to buy foods for their family if it was promoted by an athlete.  I mean, that makes perfect sense – surely if a fit and healthy athlete is endorsing a food, then it must be ‘good’ right?   WRONG!   

Unfortunately, using athletes to advertise foods (or any product for that matter) is an age-old marketing ‘trick’ which really works.  This is purely because if one of your sporting ‘heroes’ is the ‘face’ of a certain brand , then you want to buy it because you trust them and believe that if they eat / use it, then it must be ‘good’.    However, the power of the advertising dollar obviously outweighs good judgement, because, at times, the foods that some athletes’ choose endorse is terribly unhealthy.  Who could ever forget marathon champion Heather Turland spruiking the goodness of Nutella?   Just over 50% of Nutella is pure sugar and another 30% is fat…is it really a food to promote for breakfast when our kids are in the grip of an obesity crisis?

Probably one of the most over-marketed (and my most detested ) foods by athletes is Nutri-Grain.   Ever since Kelloggs released this cereal onto the very competitive market, they have promoted it as being part of an athlete’s diet.  Nutri-Grain was originally referred to as ‘Cricket Bats with Holes’ (therefore, the ‘breakfast’ of the Australian cricket team) but in order to ‘amp up’ the image, Nutri-Grain evolved into being ‘Iron Man’ food.  Apparently, fit, elite lifesavers get their ‘fuel’ from Nutri-Grain. 

If that is the case, then a good portion of ‘non-nutrition’ lifesavers get from Nutri-Grain is empty calories as 32% of Nutri-Grain is sugar!   Nutri-Grain also has a GI of 66, which means it has the ability to spike blood sugar levels and drop them fairly quickly – a low GI cereal, like unprocessed oats, would be a much better choice as the fuel release is much more gradual allowing the athlete to train for longer!

Forget what the advertisers tell you – carefully read the labels of all processed food you buy to ensure you are making the most ‘healthy’ choices.   The Natural Way is all about educating you to make ‘good’ lifetime eating habits, so if you like to find out more about The Natural Way, please phone your nearest clinic on 1300 SLIMMER (7546637)

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About Lose Weight With Sue

I am a naturopath for The Natural Way. We have 24 clinics nationally that help people to lose weight & educate on how to keep it off.
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4 Responses to Be A Sport & DON’T Endorse Junk Food!

  1. Alec Farr says:

    Try eating Weet Bix (or the cheaper Aldi brand) – a much more economical and healthy alternative

  2. David E says:

    Spot on, Sue. Let’s face, I wouldn’t want my kids to follow Warnie’s lifestyle habits in ANY way! It is easier to make good choices when we know how to avoid things like fats and sugars, but sometimes the advertising hype blinds us. Can you give us some tips on healthy food for kids, and how to read lables so we can do the best?

  3. Robyn says:

    omg – shows you how easy we can be manipulated by marketers!!!

  4. Ruth Richardson says:

    Time to get serious about healthy

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