Tracey is a New Woman!

Tracey now after losing an amazing 46.3kg and 276cm

Tracey Penfold at her before weight of 123.5kg
Tracey Penfold had always been the ‘fat’ girl – though she was also the ‘nice’ girl who made others feel better about themselves, however, all she desperately wanted was to be thinner. 
Traceys’ mother had a stroke in February 2008 and Tracey knew that due to her weight, she was at a great risk in suffering a similar health problem.  Her mother’s  determination in overcoming the side-effects of the stroke inspired Tracey to finally ‘do’ something about her weight.  As she was in her mid-30’s, she set her goal that she would no longer be the ‘fat’ girl by the time she hit 40. 
Tracey made an appointment at The Natural Way Singleton, and was devastated to see that she weighed over 123kg.   Tracey told her consultant Denise, that all she wanted was to be a ‘normal’ weight and be able to fit into size 14 clothes.
Tracey initially told no-one (except Denise) that she was trying to lose weight, but within a couple of months, her family and friends began to notice the change in her size and their compliments really helped to spur Tracey on.
It has now been two years since Tracey started the programme and she has shed an incredible 46.3kg.    She often finds that people that have not seen her for a while do not recognise her in the street.  Tracey is a regular at the gym now AND finally is fitting into size 14 clothes!
Now her weight is at 77 kg, Tracey has set her goal as being in the ’60’s’ – and she is slowly but surely heading towards her goal.  She says, “ I will complete The Natural Way maintenance programme so I know I will never be a fat girl again.   Anybody can lose weight, you just need to be ready for it.  My advice to all the fat boys and girls out there is YES YOU CAN!’
 Tracey is just one of our five Slimmer of the Season entrants for Spring.  To see Tracey (and our other entrants), please visit  In fact, if you vote for your favourite slimmer, you could win $500 in our lucky voters’ draw.  Voting closes Monday 6th December so get online and vote today.

If you would like to find out more about The Natural Way’s weight loss programme, please visit:

About Lose Weight With Sue

I am a naturopath for The Natural Way. We have 24 clinics nationally that help people to lose weight & educate on how to keep it off.
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