Meet Heidi, Slimmer of the Season Spring Entrant

Heidi now, weighing 67.3 kg

Heidi at her start weight of 94.3kg
Even though the Slimmer of the Year competition is ‘done and dusted’, we are still being constantly amazed by the fantastic results our wonderful clients are achieving!
Take a look at Heidi Wietschorke from our The Natural Way clinic in Ipswich.  Heidi has battled with her weight most of her life and had tried many diets over the years (with little success). 
When Heidi began to develop some serious health issues, her doctor advised that losing weight would definitely help, so Heidi decided that she really had to find a long term solution to her obesity.  She contacted The Natural Way and commenced the programme immediately.
Heidi found the The Natural Way programme easy to follow and was very happy to find that she was losing weight and never feeling hungry.   In fact, Heidi’s weight loss was quickly noticed by friends and family and many of them have been inspired by her great results to live healthier lives themselves!
Heidi has lost 27kg in 29 weeks and an incredible 160.5cm  (I mean, you can see that in the before and after pictures:  Heidi’s body has literally whittled away!).  Fantastic effort Heidi!  Heidi says, “I now have the confidence and skills to live healthier and more actively.  I feel young again!”
Heidi is just one of our five Slimmer of the Season entrants for Spring.  To see Heidi (and our other entrants), please visit  In fact, if you vote for your favourite slimmer, you could win $500 in our lucky voters’ draw.  Voting closes Monday 6th December so get online and vote today.
If you would like to find out more about The Natural Way’s weight loss programme, please visit:     

About Lose Weight With Sue

I am a naturopath for The Natural Way. We have 24 clinics nationally that help people to lose weight & educate on how to keep it off.
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One Response to Meet Heidi, Slimmer of the Season Spring Entrant

  1. monique says:

    Well Done Heidi, You must have a Good Weight Loss Consultant!

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