Weight Loss: Men Vs Women. Who wins?


In our The Natural Way clinics, we commonly get  husband and wife teams who will join the programme together so they have their own personal weight loss ‘supporter’ 24-7!  However, in most cases, we find that men will lose weight and centimetres quicker than their partner.  This, of course, brings great despair to the female who has been 100% ON the programme, whereas her hubby may have even been not quite as strict, but still gets the best results.  So the question remains:  Do men really lose weight quicker than women? 

To be honest, it is generally true that losing weight can be more of a challenge for women than men because of their different muscle composition.  In fact, it has a lot to do with muscle mass.  Men naturally have more muscle mass and larger muscle fibres than women, which means they have a higher metabolic rate.

This point was proven in a recent study.  Researchers from Syracuse University looked at the energy expenditure of men and women while running and walking a distance of 1,600 metres at the same speed.  They found that men burned an average of 124 calories when running and 88 calories when walking, whereas women burned an average of 105 calories when running and 74 calories when walking.  What exactly does this mean? It means men can burn calories faster than women, which proves they have a higher metabolic rate and giving them the ability to lose weight quicker.

So does that just mean if you are a woman, you should give up now and just drown yourself in a sea of Tim Tams?  NO WAY!  We women are fantastic weight loss machines.  In fact, the best way to increase your metabolic rate is to up the ante on the exercise and build some muscle tissue.

Our fantastic The Natural Way weight loss programme combined with regular fat-burning exercise (like walking) and occasional resistance training is the best way to lose those excess kilograms.  Some women  shy away from weight training for fear that they may bulk up. However, because the female body type is not predisposed to forming large muscles, there’s no need for concern.  Increasing strength of the muscles with weight training will certainly help to raise your metabolism and make the weight loss process easier.  And there is no need to join expensive gyms:  you can buy yourself some inexpensive hand weights and do your own weights routine in the comfort of your own home (perhaps engage a personal trainer to show you some exercises if you are not so sure)

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