Despite Fortunes Spent, Obesity is on the Rise

I wrote a Press Release today in response to a popular news story which featured in national media.  The article was about the staggering spend on weight loss aids that Australians have made this financial year – by the 30th June 2010, it is estimated that over $745 million would have be spent on weight loss (including surgery).  To read more, click on the link

My response is:

A newly released IBIS industry report estimates that this financial year, Australians will spend a record $745.6 million on weight loss aids.  This figure includes money spent on weight loss surgery but does not include gym memberships / personal trainers or other exercise related expenses.  To read more, click on the link:

Spokesman for IBISWorld Ed Butler said demand for weight loss aids was expected to grow strongly beyond 2009-10.  In fact, by 2015-16, this figure is said to increase to one billion dollars.

Sue Raward, naturopath for The Natural Way, says, “With our lifestyles becoming increasingly busy but unfortunately more sedentary, it is no wonder that around 62% of Australian adults are overweight.  However, while Australians are spending their money on weight loss, unfortunately, a lot of their money is wasted on ‘quick-fix’, unethical weight loss methods.”

 Sue continues, “At The Natural Way, we encourage healthy weight control by offering our client’s sensible, family-friendly programmes that can help you to lose weight steadily and sensibly.  Losing weight is the start, but learning healthy eating and better lifestyle choices are just as important, so we teach each client how easy it is to maintain their ideal weight for life through our Healthy Living programme.  Investing in your health with The Natural Way means that once you lose weight, you know how to keep it off – and no more money ever needs to be spent on weight loss again!  Also, your money is wasted on diet-shakes or meal replacements – The Natural Way is all about eating healthy, everyday foods that you purchase and the whole family can enjoy.”

 If you want to find out more about The Natural Way’s healthy way to sensible weight loss call 1300 SLIMMER (7546637) and book your free appointment today.


About Lose Weight With Sue

I am a naturopath for The Natural Way. We have 24 clinics nationally that help people to lose weight & educate on how to keep it off.
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2 Responses to Despite Fortunes Spent, Obesity is on the Rise

  1. simon says:

    Sue, that confirms some stuff we already know – people do care enough about their weight to spend money on losing weight. Pity that so many people do it in an unhealthy, unnatural way, like meal relacements (what a con – our bodies aren’t designed to have meal replacement shakes).

    I love your stories of real people losing weight naturally and healthily. Makes me feel like I could even do it! I guess I just have to call 1300SLIMMER, hey!

    PS – when will we know who is the Slimmer of The Year (Autumn) winner. I want my favourite to win – can I say who it is?

  2. Thanks Simon – I guess people understand that losing weight isn’t all about looking and feeling better. It can actually prolong your life and make the quality of it so much better. As for who will win the Slimmer of the Year (Autumn)? The voting has not yet finished, so it could be anybody at this stage. Voting will finish on 25th June, so ask all your friends to vote for your favourite to increase his/her chance of winning.

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