Five Ways Water Can Help You to Lose Weight

Spring is coming – if you are wondering how you are possibly going to get rid of any excess ‘padding’ you gained over Winter, then the best thing to do is start slugging down the water!  Seriously, it is THE best way to kick off your Spring Weight Loss program.  Check out the five top reasons why:

160818 clear-water-glass








It helps improve your performance when you exercise:  According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, when you are dehydrated during workouts, it directly impacts your weight loss and fitness goals. There is evidence that when your body is in a dehydrated state (while you are working out), it is exactly the point where your performance plunges.  So it is important that you drink enough water every day and especially double the amount before hitting the gym and during your workout.

Increases your metabolism:  A study in the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism states that drinking enough water (almost 3-4 litres) increases your metabolic rate by almost 30%.  And if you increase your intake further, it is effective in burning excess calories too.

Helps Control Your Appetite:  Drinking water before meals definitely ‘fills’ your stomach which ultimately reduces appetite.  In fact, there was a study conducted that compared 2 groups of people – one group drank water before breakfast and the other did not.  Those who drank water before breakfast actually consumed 13% less calories than those who did not drink before their meal.   Make water a MUST before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Helps you Detox:  Aim to drink between 2-3 litres of fluid daily as this will help ‘move’ the lymphatic system  and support kidney detoxification.   A great cleansing way to start your day is squeezing the juice of half a lemon into a cup of hot water. Drink first thing in the morning before breakfast to kick start the digestion and cleanse the system.

Saves you Drinking Other Calorie-laden Beverages:  Drinking soft-drink is literally the same as drinking a glassful of sugary, bubbly water….and there is far enough sugar ‘hidden’ in processed foods, so why would you want to drink more?  You may think that if you only drink diet softdrinks, then these won’t lead to weight gain.  But artificially-sweetened softdrinks are so full of chemicals, that they simply ‘overload’ your body with toxins (which means a decrease in your liver function and metabolism).  So don’t drink your calories OR chemicals – stick with water!    

The Natural Way has a sensible approach to weight loss  –  we recommend you drink plenty of water, eat normal, supermarket bought food (that the whole family will love) and take our all-natural formulations that balance your body so you lose weight AND not your health.

Call your nearest clinic on 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754663) and make a FREE appointment to find out more.  We also have a successful ‘At Home’ program that you can follow if you can’t make it into the clinic – email to find out more.

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Four Simple Ways to Spring-Clean Your Diet

Warmer days are almost here which means the excuses to ‘comfort food’ eat are coming to an end.  The onset of warm weather is the best time to overhaul eating habits and commit to change. Whether your goal is to eat better or lose weight, now is the time.  Consider this your Spring cleaning checklist to get on track!

160826 hello spring

  1. Go Hard on Hydration: Water is vital for the mind, body and soul.  It is the go-to Spring clean drink as it is refreshing, cleansing, and detoxifying. As the temperatures begin to climb outside, the body needs more water to function, as you will be losing more via sweat. Carry a water bottle with you EVERYWHERE.  If you find it difficult to drink it (and you should be aiming for at least 1.5 litres per day) add some fresh mint and a squeeze of your favourite citrus fruits to your bottle – delicious!
  2. Say Goodbye to Sugar: Too much of the sweet stuff causes a ripple effective of health problems including obesity, type II diabetes, cancer and/or heart disease.  Sugar is hidden in most packaged foods including cereals, snack bars (even healthy ones), biscuits, canned vegetables, dressings, sauces and fruit-flavoured yogurt to name a few.  Replace processed foods with more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, raw seeds and nuts.
  3. Get Some Green on Your Plate: Leafy greens have powerful antioxidants and dietary fibre that are proven to aid in weight loss, de-bloating, digestion, detoxing and boosting immunity.  If you have been not too good with your greens over winter, now is the time to up the ante. Aim for three to four cups daily.  They will keep you satisfied and improve your energy!
  4. Visit Your Local Farmers’ Market: If you want to ‘clean up’ your diet, then there is no better motivation than checking out a local produce market.  Stalls jammed packed with (usually) locally grown fruit and vege really gets you ‘in the mood’ to buy up and create some healthy meals.  Not only will you save money (compared to buying supermarket priced fruit and vege), it will be fresher, contain less pesticides (or maybe none if you can buy organic) and you will be helping a local grower make a living.  It’s a win-win.

The best way to get your Spring weight loss campaign is to call on the experts to help – and that is what we are!  The Natural Way has been helping people to lose weight for over 35 years and we know that we can help you to achieve your ‘wildest’ weight loss dreams.  Call The Natural Way on 1300 SLIMMER (1300754663) and make your FREE appointment to find out more about how The Natural Way can help you to look (and feel) fabulous this Summer.

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100 Reasons to Lose Weight – Part 2

Last week, you may recall that I blogged on the same topic.  However, I only quoted the first 50 reasons (see blog here: ).  This week, I want to present to you the remaining 50.   Every client I meet has a reason to lose weight – and some have more than one!  Let me know (in the comments below my post) the reasons you can relate to the most.     
160810 reasons to lose weight51. to travel without restrictions and make friends everywhere you go.
52. to enjoy all the goodness the world has to offer.
53. to be able to assist those in need whenever they need it and not when you’re healthy.
54. to be “what you eat”.
55. to have maintained for so long that it’s just second nature.
56. to become a different, less judgemental human being. love without limits.
58. to change the world, one healthy bite at a time.
59. to be able to run with your dog/child without exhaustion and fatigue.
60. to be able to laugh off the small stuff.
61. to wake up at 5 am and look forward to going hard and going strong. know that that work out helped shape the good day ahead of you,
63. to smile at your surroundings.
64. to be able to enjoy nature that much more.
65. to wear that strapless dress and show the scars you used to fear so much, because you’re a BAMF.
66. to be able to give advice, because you know that it worked for you.
67. to be able to say you pulled through it, even when times were tough and that white chocolate macadamia nut cookie was whispering your name seductively.
68. to not even WANT that stupid cookie.
69. to pass on dessert because you’re satisfied and know that there will be other desserts.
70. to have dessert because it’s something you really want and you don’t need to feel guilty about indulging once in a while.
71. to eat because you’re hungry, not because you’re bored.
72. to not have to count calories, but to know your bodys’ restrictions and limits.
73. to know what helps you and to know what hinders you.
74. to forgive and forget those who made you feel awful.
75. to be a better person.
76. to be able to stay awake for 17 hours and not struggle to keep your eyes open.
77. to constantly have a bounce in your step.
78. to do something about the things that make you unhappy, not just let them happen to you.
79. to be able to mould your life into the life YOU want.
80. to be thankful for the person you once were, because they helped shape you into the person you are today.
81. to laugh at fear.
82. to laugh more, in general.
83. to be able to have a vacation planned and not buckle down on your diet and exercise regime.
84. to not pass judgement based on the way someone looks.
85. to feel a twinge of pride when you see a complete stranger going that extra mile for their health. be able to be polite to everyone you meet, no matter what.
87. to make new friends/exercise buddies.
88. to cut the ‘fat’ out of your life (all of it!)
89. to turn your current friends into fitness fiends.
90. to not constantly worry about how you look. run/box/bike when you’re stressed, not stuff your face and cry about it. see ‘small’ (or medium, or large, or whatever size you want!) tags along your closet.
93. to love flaunting your hard earned assets.
94. to coloring in that calendar because you were active every single day.
95. to live your life according to a Nike motto.
96. to make your own damn dreams come true.
97. to motivate.
98. to inspire.
99. to know you’re an amazing success no matter what age you are.
100. to be your very own inspiring, motivating, pinteresting, successful BAMF, because hey – you’re your list of 100 reasons to lose weight. =)

(reference: )

It is now only 2 weeks until Spring – EEK!  If you are panicking about getting your body ready for the warmer weather, please stop right there.  The Natural Way is here to get you back on track so you will be able to enjoy all the fun Spring and Summer has to offer (without feeling self-conscious).  Get started by calling your nearest clinic on 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754663) to make a FREE appointment to start your journey.

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100 Reasons to Lose Weight – Part 1

A question we love asking our new clients’ is, ‘What is your reason for wanting to lose weight?’ I must say, the answers you get vary quite a bit!  I guess everyone has their own motivation for wanting to shed their excess kilograms.   I was searching the net for reasons people lose weight and came across this excellent list!  Wow, this girl really thought it through…this week, I will post her top 50 reasons, and next week, I will post the other 50.  Here we go…love to hear your comments about which one you can relate to the most.

160804 weight loss

  1. to live a long, healthy life. motivate others.
    3. to know the strength my own body is capable of
    4. to not have ab-envy when i read a magazine and see Jennifer Aniston.
    5. to never be held back from anything because i feel uncomfortable.
    6. to untag pictures because they’re inappropriate, not because I ‘look fat’
    7. to crave healthy foods.
    8. to be in a good mood more times than not.
    9. to not be camera shy.
    10. to be able to say, ‘definitely!’ when a pool party or beach party comes along.
    11. to smile at my reflection when I glance at a mirror.
    12. so that the day when my wedding finally comes along, I know exactly how I’ll look in my dream dress.
    13. to not avoid modelling because of my weight.
    14. to be proud of the way I look.
    15. to treat my body with the respect it deserves.
    16. to eat to live, not live to eat.
    17. to look back and smile at how far I’ve come
    18. to not be recognized by former classmates/old friends at common places.
    19. to shock and amaze.
    20. to not avoid dressing rooms because I fear they won’t look right/fit at all.
    21. to walk around in a bra and underwear and feel confident and sexy.
    22. to have people comment about my ‘great bod’ when I pass by.
    23. to know that I had to work for what I have.
    24. to be able to say, ‘I wasn’t happy, so I did something about it’.
    25. to visit the doctor and know you’ll pass with flying colours.
    26. to come up with healthy and delicious alternatives that you like better than the original.
    27. to throw on that trendy pencil skirt and know that you look absolutely smokin’.
    28. to understand the hardships of losing weight and maintaining and being able to sympathize with those who are in a position you once were in.
    29. to have nothing to hold you back.
    30. to not only look athletic, but be athletic.
    31. to have numerous 5 km’s & 10 km’s runs under your belt.
    32. to know that you did something a lot of people won’t commit to.
    33. to be a good example for cousins/kids/family members.
    34. to have your parents be proud because you changed your life.
    35. to exude confidence.
    36. to have healthy, gorgeous hair and long nails.
    37. to look and feel younger.
    38. to do a complete 180.
    39. to run without holding my boobs
    40. for healthy skin
    41. for healthy teeth.
    42. for everything to be pretty much healthy.
    43. to know your independence. have a healthy relationship with both food and exercise.
    45. to have no more ‘fat days’.
    46. to be known as the ‘athletic girl next door’.
    47. to drink water – not because you should, but because you enjoy it more than anything else.
    48. to know that you’re giving your body delicious, healthy, whole foods and it, in turn, is giving you all you need.
    49. to jump up on a table and dance with no regrets (or fear of falling/breaking said table)
    50. to be adventurous.

(reference: )
No matter what your reason to lose weight is, The Natural Way can help you do it.  Not only that, once you lose the weight you want, you will keep it off thanks to our exclusive Healthy Living program.  Weight loss is not about dieting, it is about making sensible food choices and correcting lifestyle issues to ensure your future is happy and healthy.  Get started today by calling 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754663) and make a FREE appointment to begin your weight loss journey.

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Unconventional Weight Loss Tips

‘Just eat less and exercise more’ – how many times have you heard people say that this is the key to weight loss? The problem is you might try to do this for a number of days (or even weeks) yet it does not seem to make a difference on the scales.  This week I want to share with you some more ‘obscure’ weight loss tips that you should try…you never know, these could be the key to your success.    

Eating off a black plate can actually lessen your appetite

Eating off a black plate can actually lessen your appetite










  • Eat your dinner on a black or dark coloured plate. According to the principles of Feng Shui, the color of the plate subconsciously diminishes your appetite – so the darker the plate, the less hungry you feel.  Dinner meals should be served on dark plates while lunch and breakfast meals on bright colors (to keep energy levels high).
  • It turns out that slicing up food into smaller portions tricks the brain into thinking the serving size is larger, which may help you eat less. Researchers found that when a meal is sliced into small pieces, most people eat 25 per cent less food.
  • Using your dominant hand to eat and drink is a behaviour you rarely think about. It’s an automatic pattern ingrained into our brain, which makes it easier to overeat without realizing it. However, if you are right handed, put your fork or spoon in your left hand for a change.  This simple swap will shift you out of mindless eating and it will take longer for you to eat the meal (helping you to register fullness much quicker). Better still, forget the cutlery and try chopsticks occasionally.
  • Put away the phone / Ipad, turn off the TV and focus on the meal in front of you. It has been proven that eating while distracted blocks the feeling of fulfillment because your brain is focused on something else — making it harder to recall the amount of food consumed, prompting you to eat more.

With Spring around the corner, now is definitely the time to think about losing your extra Winter ‘padding’ before the weather warms up .  Call your nearest clinic on 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754663) TODAY and make a FREE appointment to discuss your weight loss and health care goals.  We can help you to get the back the body you want.

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Eating Healthy on a Budget

With the price of food rising, eating healthily while trying to stick to a budget can be challenging.   However, while healthy eating out can be expensive (in fact, just as expensive as unhealthy eating out!), that’s not to say healthy eating is impossible or that it can’t be cheap.  This week I will outline some basic tips to help keep healthy eating costs low, so your whole family can enjoy the far-reaching, long-term health benefits.

160720 whole-foods-newport-beach-produce1

  1. Buy seasonally: If you’ve seen the price of cherries at the moment, you will have guessed they’re not in season. The ones you see at the moment are imported from California, therefore you expect to pay top dollar.  Pears and mandarins on the other hand are cheap, fresh, locally-grown and delicious.  When it comes to fresh produce, buy only what is in season and enjoy the savings!
  2. Be flexible: When it comes to buying food for recipes, there’s nothing wrong with switching around ingredients to suit your budget.  For example, when you go shopping, and you have red capsicum on your shopping list but green capsicum is half the price, then buy the green. It has a slightly different flavour but cooks exactly the same.  Besides, you might even find that the substituted ‘cheaper’ ingredient is better than the one you were supposed to use, so experiment away!
  3. Bypass the fancy health foods: almond meal, coconut oil, spirulina, goji berries are all great health foods BUT if you are on a budget, cross them off your list.  These are things you can of course buy if you want, but they’re not essentials.  A standard healthy diet, does not have to be complicated or contain a lot of fancy ingredients.
  4. Avoid processed food: Processed food is expensive – let me give you an example.  You can buy 1 kg of loose potatoes at Coles for $2 per kilogram however, if you buy the washed, prepacked potatoes, this price will go up to $3.50 per kilo.  Seriously, anything in a packet means that labour was involved in the processing of the food (so someone had to operate the machine that washed the potatoes), which is why it costs almost double.  Fresh really is best…and it is cheaper too.

With a little planning, buying and preparing delicious healthy food on a budget is not as hard as it  seems!   The Natural Way is all about eating real food:  you won’t find a meal-replacement shake or bar in our clinics!  We are focused on teaching you how to make the best food choices (so you achieve healthy weight loss without going hungry) and we help to bring your body back into balance with our exclusive, all-natural formulations.  So if you want a life-time of eating healthy supermarket-bought food then you need to call your closest clinic today on 1300SLIMMER (1300 754 663) and make a FREE appointment to find out more.

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Will Going Vegan Help Me to Lose Weight?

lot of celebrities these days will credit their slim physiques to following a strict vegan diet.  But how slimming is veganism? Let’s take a look at the facts and see if you really have to give up all things ‘animal’ to achieve weight loss success.

Eating a vegan diet will not necessarily lead to weight loss

Eating a vegan diet will not necessarily lead to weight loss








Firstly, there is a BIG difference between being vegetarian and veganism.  A vegetarian will avoid meat only (but may eat seafood).  Vegans, on the other hand, avoid all meats and any animal by-products.  This includes all dairy, eggs and even honey!  Not only that, foods that processed with additives that contain animal enzymes or gelatine are also not consumed (so no jelly).  A typical vegan diet consists of fruit, vegetables, cereals & grains, legumes and nuts.  While it sounds incredibly healthy, following this diet does not mean you will lose weight.

A lot of vegans turn to foods like bread, cereal, pasta, or other carbohydrate-heavy foods to satisfy their hunger.  While these are ‘low-fat’, when eaten in large quantities, they will cause considerable weight gain due to their ability to trigger instability in blood sugar levels via the release of excess insulin.   Also, vegan sources of protein are considered not complete as they do not contain all nine essential amino acids. Unless a vegan knows how to correctly combine meals to include all essential amino acids, they run a high risk of become deficient in protein and other important nutrients (like iron, essential fatty acids etc).

So if you think becoming a vegan is the answer to your weight loss problems, think again.  A vegan diet can only help you lose weight if you are just as careful with your food choices as you would be on your everyday diet…so veganism is NOT the magic solution to your successful weight loss.

This is where The Natural Way can help you – we do not expect you to ‘change your life’ to lose weight.  Instead we look at your lifestyle and the way you eat now to work on a plan that we know you will enjoy.  Basically, we modify & tweak your current habits to encourage weight loss (not gain!).  After more than 35 years’ of helping people lose weight, we know that we have the expertise, experience and commitment to helping you achieve your goal.  So if you want to sizzle by Spring call The Natural Way today on 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754663) OR visit our website

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