Health Benefits of Red Wine

Alcohol has a pretty bad reputation when it comes to its negative effects on your weight & health.  However, more and more research has uncovered some fantastic benefits that red wine can have on your body (and mind!).  Read this blog to find out why you should make the switch to red wine – it can literally be a life-saver (when drunk in moderation of course!).


What makes red wine so good for you?  It’s the antioxidants in red wine called polyphenols which are proven to have a myriad of benefits to your health.  Here are just a few below:

Cardio-vascular Benefits:  Studies have shown that moderate wine drinking can improve the balance of low-density lipoprotein (LDL or “bad” cholesterol) to high density lipoprotein (HDL “good” cholesterol).  This may also help remove LDL from blocking arteries.   Also, the antioxidant content of red wine helps to limit blood clotting by making the platelets in the blood less prone to sticking together, and this reduces the risk of heart disease.

Control blood sugar: The skin of red grapes—a rich source of red wine’s natural compound resveratrol (which is one of the polyphenols found in red wine)—may actually help diabetics regulate their blood sugar.

Boost your brain:  Resveratrol may also be the key to keeping your memory sharp. Resveratrol has been shown to hamper the formation of beta-amyloid protein, a key ingredient in the plaque formation found in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s.

Prevent cancer:  According to researchers at the University of Virginia, the resveratrol you get from drinking one glass of red wine three or four times a week may be enough to stave any potential cancer cell formation. The scientists dosed human cancer cells with resveratrol and found that the compound inhibited the key action of a cancer-feeding protein.

This is only scraping the surface:  red wine is believed to also be beneficial in boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation in the body and even helping weight loss.  However, this does not give you a licence to drink a glass or more everyday.  Speak to your The Natural Way consultant about recommended ‘safe’ drinking guidelines AND if red wine is permitted while you are on program (however, if you are on Quick Start, Low GI or Your Choice, you can treat yourself to a glass or two a week – speak to your consultant to find out more).

Book your FREE appointment on 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754663) to find out about our program that can fit in with your lifestyle and tastes (and hey, you can even enjoy the occasional drink!).  We know we have a weight-loss program that you will love.

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4 Simple Ways to Manage Stress

While stress is an unavoidable part of our lives, too much of it can have a huge impact on your health and weight.  It is important for your overall well-being that you manage your stress and this week I want to share with you some simple techniques to help you ‘cope’ better:

Manage stress The Natural Way

Manage stress The Natural Way








Talk Kindly to Yourself
Self-talk is one way to deal with stress.  Self-talk can be positive (such as ‘I can do this’ or ‘Don’t worry, things will work out’) or negative (e.g. ‘I will never lose weight’ or ‘I really am so stupid sometimes’).  Negative self-talk increases your stress levels.  Positive self-talk helps you calm down and control stress. With practice, you can learn to turn negative thoughts into positive ones.  For example, instead of saying ‘This is impossible, I can’t do this’ change your self-talk to ‘I will do the best I can’.  To help you feel better, practice positive self-talk every day — in the car, at your desk, before you go to bed or whenever you notice negative thoughts beginning to creep into your mind.

Emergency Stress Stoppers
There are many stressful situations — at work, on the road and even at home. This is where emergency stress stoppers help you deal with stress that you may be dealing with right NOW!   You may need different stress stoppers for different situations and sometimes it helps to combine them.  Here are some great techniques to try when you find yourself in a stressful situation:

  • Count to 10 before you speak.
  • Take three to five deep breaths.
  • Walk away from the stressful situation, and deal with it later.
  • Go for a walk.

Doing ‘Feel Good’ Activities
When stress is beginning to get on top of you, take time out to do something that makes you feel good.  Doing things you enjoy is a natural way to fight off stress.  You don’t have to do a lot to find pleasure.  Try to do at least one thing every day that you enjoy, even if you only do it for 15 minutes.  This may be starting an art project (adult colouring books are great if you are not very ‘arty), reading a book or magazine, catching up with friends etc.

Regular Time Out
Relaxation is more than sitting in your favourite chair watching TV. To relieve stress, relaxation should calm the tension in your mind and body. Some good forms of relaxation are yoga, tai chi and meditation.  Deep breathing is a form of relaxation you can learn and practice at home.

The Natural Way has a holistic approach to your weight loss:  this means it’s not just about the food you eat!  We analyse your lifestyle and make healthy modifications where necessary so you get the best weight loss results.  Not only that, by implementing these changes, you will have the best chance of long term success in keeping your weight off.  To find out more about our fabulous program, call The Natural Way today on 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754663) OR visit our website


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Are Acai Bowls Really Good For You?

If you have been out for breakfast lately, I bet you have noticed that one of the choices on the menu is an Acai Bowl.  Their popularity has absolutely boomed in the past 2 years, and they are touted as being a healthy breakfast choice – but are they really?  This week, we will investigate exactly what is in an Acai bowl and determine if it is good for your health AND waistline.

Acai bowls look healthy...but are they really?

Acai bowls look healthy…but are they really?







Acai bowls look incredibly healthy and on first analysis, they are.  They are made from the Acai berry (a Brazilian superfood berry packed full of antioxidants) that is pureed and frozen.  When the bowl is served, the consistency is almost like that of a thick smoothie.  The puree is served in a bowl and is usually topped with fruit, oats, muesli, nuts and / or coconut. Acai bowls almost look more like a dessert and, funnily enough, taste like a dessert, due to the natural sweetness of the ingredients.

So, it seems that having one of these for brekkie is a great option?  Well, while an acai bowl may pack a punch in terms of its high nutrient content, you may be surprised at how many calories it contains.

Depending on the size of the serve, an Acai bowl can contain between 350 – 500 calories!  EEK.   When you consider that if you ordered 2 poached eggs with a side of wilted greens, grilled  tomato and mushrooms, you would only be having around 250 cals AND feel fuller for longer due to the high protein content of the eggs.

Probably more frightening though is the amount of sugar an acai bowl contains:  one bowl can have up to 75 grams of sugar (depending on the toppings  used).  EEK, talk about a blood sugar high.  I would definitely suggest that a Diabetic  avoid ordering an acai bowl and stick with lower carb options such as eggs.

While Acai berries have some great health benefits, they really have the same health benefits as many other fruits (particularly all varieties of berries).  So like all things, Acai bowls are a great, healthy breakfast option, but due to their high calorie / sugar content, should only be enjoyed occasionally.

The Natural Way is not just a weight loss program – we educate our clients about healthy food and lifestyle choices while they lose weight with us.  By the time they get to their goal weight, they understand all they need to do to keep their weight off for LIFE.  If you are tired of yo-yo dieting, then isn’t it time you lost your weight once and for all?  Call The Natural Way on 1300 SLIMMER (1300754663) and make your FREE appointment to find out more about how The Natural Way can help you to be happier and healthier forever.

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Beating Psychological Hunger

I think we all know the feeling – you have finished dinner and now relaxing on the couch watching TV.  Suddenly, during the ad break, you are up and checking out what’s in the fridge.  Are you really hungry?  You may not be physically hungry but you certainly are psychologically.  This week, I want to discuss with you what psychological hunger is and the steps you can take to overcome it.

160906 Stomach_how_not_to_be_hungry







Psychological hunger is when you want to have something to eat or drink that is not triggered by physical symptoms such as an empty feeling in your stomach.  The reasons you may eat is because you feel sad, angry, depressed anxious, bored or simply think it is “time to eat”.  It is estimated that 80% of the times that we eat is because of psychological hunger.

There are certain situations where you may be eating due to psychological reasons.  Next time you find yourself mindlessly eating, take a note of the time of day, how you are feeling & where you are.  This will help you to determine what your hunger ‘triggers’. Examples of some typical triggers include:

  • Working at your desk and / or studying
  • Feeling depressed OR stressed
  • Being alone
  • Parties
  • Time-related (e.g. late in the afternoon)
  • Location-related (e.g. at the movies or a restaurant)

Once you have identified your eating triggers, replace the action of psychological eating with another action, e.g. phone a friend or family member, do some exercise, read a book or meditate.  Basically, you have to STOP before you put something in your mouth and find another activity that distracts you from eating.

The Natural Way personalize their program to suit the needs of their clients.  So if you know that psychological hunger is a problem for you, your consultant will work with you to establish what your triggers are and work out the best ways to overcome the problem.  If you would like to find out more about our fabulous weight loss program, call 1300 SLIMMER (754663) today and make a FREE appointment to find out how we can help you get back the body you want.  With summer only 12 weeks away, now is the time to get your beach body ready!

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Five Ways Water Can Help You to Lose Weight

Spring is coming – if you are wondering how you are possibly going to get rid of any excess ‘padding’ you gained over Winter, then the best thing to do is start slugging down the water!  Seriously, it is THE best way to kick off your Spring Weight Loss program.  Check out the five top reasons why:

160818 clear-water-glass








It helps improve your performance when you exercise:  According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, when you are dehydrated during workouts, it directly impacts your weight loss and fitness goals. There is evidence that when your body is in a dehydrated state (while you are working out), it is exactly the point where your performance plunges.  So it is important that you drink enough water every day and especially double the amount before hitting the gym and during your workout.

Increases your metabolism:  A study in the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism states that drinking enough water (almost 3-4 litres) increases your metabolic rate by almost 30%.  And if you increase your intake further, it is effective in burning excess calories too.

Helps Control Your Appetite:  Drinking water before meals definitely ‘fills’ your stomach which ultimately reduces appetite.  In fact, there was a study conducted that compared 2 groups of people – one group drank water before breakfast and the other did not.  Those who drank water before breakfast actually consumed 13% less calories than those who did not drink before their meal.   Make water a MUST before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Helps you Detox:  Aim to drink between 2-3 litres of fluid daily as this will help ‘move’ the lymphatic system  and support kidney detoxification.   A great cleansing way to start your day is squeezing the juice of half a lemon into a cup of hot water. Drink first thing in the morning before breakfast to kick start the digestion and cleanse the system.

Saves you Drinking Other Calorie-laden Beverages:  Drinking soft-drink is literally the same as drinking a glassful of sugary, bubbly water….and there is far enough sugar ‘hidden’ in processed foods, so why would you want to drink more?  You may think that if you only drink diet softdrinks, then these won’t lead to weight gain.  But artificially-sweetened softdrinks are so full of chemicals, that they simply ‘overload’ your body with toxins (which means a decrease in your liver function and metabolism).  So don’t drink your calories OR chemicals – stick with water!    

The Natural Way has a sensible approach to weight loss  –  we recommend you drink plenty of water, eat normal, supermarket bought food (that the whole family will love) and take our all-natural formulations that balance your body so you lose weight AND not your health.

Call your nearest clinic on 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754663) and make a FREE appointment to find out more.  We also have a successful ‘At Home’ program that you can follow if you can’t make it into the clinic – email to find out more.

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Four Simple Ways to Spring-Clean Your Diet

Warmer days are almost here which means the excuses to ‘comfort food’ eat are coming to an end.  The onset of warm weather is the best time to overhaul eating habits and commit to change. Whether your goal is to eat better or lose weight, now is the time.  Consider this your Spring cleaning checklist to get on track!

160826 hello spring

  1. Go Hard on Hydration: Water is vital for the mind, body and soul.  It is the go-to Spring clean drink as it is refreshing, cleansing, and detoxifying. As the temperatures begin to climb outside, the body needs more water to function, as you will be losing more via sweat. Carry a water bottle with you EVERYWHERE.  If you find it difficult to drink it (and you should be aiming for at least 1.5 litres per day) add some fresh mint and a squeeze of your favourite citrus fruits to your bottle – delicious!
  2. Say Goodbye to Sugar: Too much of the sweet stuff causes a ripple effective of health problems including obesity, type II diabetes, cancer and/or heart disease.  Sugar is hidden in most packaged foods including cereals, snack bars (even healthy ones), biscuits, canned vegetables, dressings, sauces and fruit-flavoured yogurt to name a few.  Replace processed foods with more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, raw seeds and nuts.
  3. Get Some Green on Your Plate: Leafy greens have powerful antioxidants and dietary fibre that are proven to aid in weight loss, de-bloating, digestion, detoxing and boosting immunity.  If you have been not too good with your greens over winter, now is the time to up the ante. Aim for three to four cups daily.  They will keep you satisfied and improve your energy!
  4. Visit Your Local Farmers’ Market: If you want to ‘clean up’ your diet, then there is no better motivation than checking out a local produce market.  Stalls jammed packed with (usually) locally grown fruit and vege really gets you ‘in the mood’ to buy up and create some healthy meals.  Not only will you save money (compared to buying supermarket priced fruit and vege), it will be fresher, contain less pesticides (or maybe none if you can buy organic) and you will be helping a local grower make a living.  It’s a win-win.

The best way to get your Spring weight loss campaign is to call on the experts to help – and that is what we are!  The Natural Way has been helping people to lose weight for over 35 years and we know that we can help you to achieve your ‘wildest’ weight loss dreams.  Call The Natural Way on 1300 SLIMMER (1300754663) and make your FREE appointment to find out more about how The Natural Way can help you to look (and feel) fabulous this Summer.

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100 Reasons to Lose Weight – Part 2

Last week, you may recall that I blogged on the same topic.  However, I only quoted the first 50 reasons (see blog here: ).  This week, I want to present to you the remaining 50.   Every client I meet has a reason to lose weight – and some have more than one!  Let me know (in the comments below my post) the reasons you can relate to the most.     
160810 reasons to lose weight51. to travel without restrictions and make friends everywhere you go.
52. to enjoy all the goodness the world has to offer.
53. to be able to assist those in need whenever they need it and not when you’re healthy.
54. to be “what you eat”.
55. to have maintained for so long that it’s just second nature.
56. to become a different, less judgemental human being. love without limits.
58. to change the world, one healthy bite at a time.
59. to be able to run with your dog/child without exhaustion and fatigue.
60. to be able to laugh off the small stuff.
61. to wake up at 5 am and look forward to going hard and going strong. know that that work out helped shape the good day ahead of you,
63. to smile at your surroundings.
64. to be able to enjoy nature that much more.
65. to wear that strapless dress and show the scars you used to fear so much, because you’re a BAMF.
66. to be able to give advice, because you know that it worked for you.
67. to be able to say you pulled through it, even when times were tough and that white chocolate macadamia nut cookie was whispering your name seductively.
68. to not even WANT that stupid cookie.
69. to pass on dessert because you’re satisfied and know that there will be other desserts.
70. to have dessert because it’s something you really want and you don’t need to feel guilty about indulging once in a while.
71. to eat because you’re hungry, not because you’re bored.
72. to not have to count calories, but to know your bodys’ restrictions and limits.
73. to know what helps you and to know what hinders you.
74. to forgive and forget those who made you feel awful.
75. to be a better person.
76. to be able to stay awake for 17 hours and not struggle to keep your eyes open.
77. to constantly have a bounce in your step.
78. to do something about the things that make you unhappy, not just let them happen to you.
79. to be able to mould your life into the life YOU want.
80. to be thankful for the person you once were, because they helped shape you into the person you are today.
81. to laugh at fear.
82. to laugh more, in general.
83. to be able to have a vacation planned and not buckle down on your diet and exercise regime.
84. to not pass judgement based on the way someone looks.
85. to feel a twinge of pride when you see a complete stranger going that extra mile for their health. be able to be polite to everyone you meet, no matter what.
87. to make new friends/exercise buddies.
88. to cut the ‘fat’ out of your life (all of it!)
89. to turn your current friends into fitness fiends.
90. to not constantly worry about how you look. run/box/bike when you’re stressed, not stuff your face and cry about it. see ‘small’ (or medium, or large, or whatever size you want!) tags along your closet.
93. to love flaunting your hard earned assets.
94. to coloring in that calendar because you were active every single day.
95. to live your life according to a Nike motto.
96. to make your own damn dreams come true.
97. to motivate.
98. to inspire.
99. to know you’re an amazing success no matter what age you are.
100. to be your very own inspiring, motivating, pinteresting, successful BAMF, because hey – you’re your list of 100 reasons to lose weight. =)

(reference: )

It is now only 2 weeks until Spring – EEK!  If you are panicking about getting your body ready for the warmer weather, please stop right there.  The Natural Way is here to get you back on track so you will be able to enjoy all the fun Spring and Summer has to offer (without feeling self-conscious).  Get started by calling your nearest clinic on 1300 SLIMMER (1300 754663) to make a FREE appointment to start your journey.

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